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CG Onset

Enhancing Film Storytelling Through Immersive Experiences using real-time visual effects

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pre #1

Screen Graphics

Working with the producers and directors during pre-production. We will provide you with our knowledge and recommendations of the playback production process, based on our own expertise. We will help you provide strategies to prevent problems during shooting and postproduction. Our expertise can help shape the production technically and creatively. we will break down the script to find the best and fast solutions to solve every interaction between the human and the machine. During the process we will make concepts and designs of fantasy user interfaces (FUI), building fictional worlds with screen graphics & future tech.

production #2

video Playback

To support your filming needs, we take care to provide modern and period tech props like: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, led walls displays, transparent screens, modern tvs, period tvs, security monitors and period computer monitors. a large rental inventory, customized packages, and competitive pricing will help you meet all your needs. We develop operating systems to enhance interactions between devices and actors. Our on-set technical team ensures that every device is in perfect working order and that every screen is displayed on-time. taking the pain out of using live-featured devices on-camera and saving millions in post-production costs. We've also developed our own on-set management and monitoring software that allows us to remotely control all devices and screens.

Post #3

motion design

We believe in the ability of graphics to enhance the narrative and performance of a film. Working closely with all departments during pre-production our expert content design team creates dynamic motion graphics and intuitive ux/ui displays. We know what design to offer to decorate your story with memorable details, creating user interfaces for any real or imaginary device for post production, whether it's a 19th-century spy or a pilot from a sci-fi spaceship. What screen design do you require?


fictional user interface

The studio create stunning screen content for film or episodic production. Using the script as a guideline, to transform each graphic into an impressive visual story point.

Surveillance van

The experience of Juan Garsen will assist you in shaping the production , technically and creatively. they performed the installations and screen content, building spy-fi settings for vehicles' interiors. Creating custom software to allow live interaction between te actor and the screen graphics during shooting.

Cell phone

Custom applications and graphics to simulate a live chat conversation, phone call, video call or any production needs.

Command Center

Bank of computers that make up a fictional command center. Every screen has a live playback interaction with the actors during shooting. Designing all the content, from 3D maps to "enhancing" surveillance footage to designing original "social media" platforms. These pieces are essential to explain film and episodic storytelling.


From preproduction to postproduction, the studio will coordinate the content, tech props needed, installation, playback during shooting, VFX supervision, and integration in post. possibility of setup multiples devices interconnected to have live interaction with actors during shooting.

Interpol office

Screen graphics on set, designing multiple fiction interfaces based on real police and investigation references to dress this set. Has ben used a variety of motion designs in loop as well as some devices with live interactions.

CCTV camera

Live-action CCTV surveillance sets as well as chroma settings for post-production video application.

Tablet & laptop

Design the graphics and programming the actions for pc and tablet. Every scene were a tech device apear with an action on the script  they turn into an exciting visual story.

Retro FUI design

Design of fictional user interface for period computer monitors or TVs. Implementing them on set or in postproduction.

Control access system

Fictional control access interfaces like hand scanner, eye recognition, and finger print.

Video wall

Design the content for video wall and virtual set, creating immersive experiences in real time.


"I had the wonderful privilege of working with Juan Garsen on a streaming series for Netflix entitled "IN FROM THE COLD." The series was produced in Madrid, Spain. I do not speak Spanish. Fortunately, Juan speaks English, as well as Spanish. The series was a so-called "spy-fi" thriller, and that meant that every episode would have a series of complicated graphics that would need to appear on cell phone screens, tablet screens, and computer screens. Juan's creativity and work ethic were certainly challenged by the sheer volume of items that had to be created, from 3D maps to "enhancing" surveillance footage to designing original "social media" platforms. Juan took what was suggested on the script pages of each episode and he transformed each graphic design into an exciting visual story point. These pieces aren't always appreciated for their importance in serialized storytelling, but they are essential. And without Juan's imagination and dedication to getting the job done on time and on budget, simply put, "IN FROM THE COLD" wouldn't be as spectacular as it is. I look forward to working with Juan in the future, and I would highly recommend his skills to anyone in need of quality art direction and video graphic design."

Christopher Barbour (Writer/Producer)

“Thank you Juan for your cool Arqtech designs on my tablet during the scenes. Sure helps when things look right! Best wishes, Thekla Reuten”

Thekla Reuten (actress)

"Ha sido un descubrimiento encontrar en mi camino una empresa como CGonset, capaz de resolver todas las necesidades digitales de proyectos cinematográficos complejos, de una manera rápida y eficaz; un gran equipo capaz de adaptarse a las necesidades de cualquier rodaje."

Bárbara Pérez-Solero (Production Designer)

"Es un orgullo para la ciudadanía malagueña contar con una empresa especializada en animación y efectos especiales que es un referente de innovación, como ha demostrado en diferentes proyectos para Netflix o HBO y con la participación en prestigiosas series internacionales."‍

Francisco de la Torre (Alcalde de Málaga)

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the art of story-driven design


The art of storytelling through design, CG Onset Studio helps turn graphics into an exciting visual story to enhance movies, TV series, commercials, and video games storytelling.


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